Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple Pie!

I got the itch...

I get it every year....

To make an apple pie!

Apple pie is my favorite, but boy is it a chore to make. Basically it is the peeling, coring, and thinly - thinly slicing those Granny Smiths. It was soooo worth it in the end! Yum!

Fresh out of the oven.... and looking mighty tasty

After back breaking work, its a tumbs up from the pregnant lady!

Jonathan couldn't wait to dive in and give his reviews....

And it's a winner.... and who said that 2 people can't finish a whole pie???? hehe

Ha! I am lovin' his face here!

Believe it or not, he said it was "the best apple pie he has ever tasted," SCORE!! Even compared it to Baker's Square..... common on now. I thought it was good to, but really? Bakers Square?

Jonathan loves food, and he thinks pretty much everything I make is great.... Literally, here is an example.
We had Mac and Cheese (from the box... that right, from the box) and he said I make it the best.
Ladies and Gents.... I follow the directions that every other person follows! There are thousands, millions, of others making the same Mac and Cheese ;o)

I say its because I am good at finding good recipes, not because I have a special talent in cooking. Really... anybody can do it. I learned this lesson from a roommate. She just simply had the courage to try out recipes, that's all it takes!

And let's not forget all my cooking disasters! Read those here, here, and here.

Maybe it's because I add a secret ingredient...... a pinch of 'LOVE' ;o)

Ok, so Jonathan is insisting on getting on here to put in his 2 cents.
Take it away, Jonathan:

Here's the deal... My wife is too humble (if there is such a thing as being too humble). Seriously. Before every meal, she always says something to the effect of, "I hope you like it. I don't think I cooked it right." Well let me tell you, she always cooks it right... and this apple pie is no exception. Imagine with me for a moment. A golden crust, gleaming as it comes out of the oven. The sugar crystals refract the overhead light, causing the pie to glimmer across the kitchen. And then you see it. Through the carefully crafted slits in the top of the pie crust, apples. Apples, apples, and more apples. These are no ordinary apples mind you. These are one-of-a-kind Granny Smith apples, hand-picked by my wife. Ok, you can stop imagining now. Make sure you wipe the drool off your lower lip. Now do you understand why this was the best apple pie I have ever had?

To give you one more idea of how good this apple pie was, I'll end by showing you what my face looked like after I finished my first bite of that detectable dessert.



  1. This whole post is too cute. You have a good one in Jonathan...that's for sure! Good job on the apple pie...I don't think I could have pulled it off.

  2. Love it! You are both so stinking funny!

  3. Oh Mish, I love reading your blog! Your personality comes through so sweetly in all your posts. It makes me miss our summer as roomies :)