Wednesday, October 28, 2009

maury show

that's right.... sigh.... the title of this post is Maury Show

I hate to admit this, but I might as well be transparent? Right? What is the point in trying hide silliness??

Back to me admitting..... that.... I sometimes find myself watching The Maury Show...

phew... did I just say that??

Oh dear, I need prayer.

I guess I should clarify. When I am home during the day, like today, I am usually, like today, doing laundry or something around the house - with the tv on as some background noise. Occasionally I find 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' - which I find fun because I like trivia and I really like to see if I am right on some of the tough questions :o)

Well.... then the show is over, I leave the room to throw in some more laundry and when I come back into the room, I hear in a very dramatic Maury voice... "Paul, you ARE the father....!"

and the crowd goes crazy and the lady on the show runs off the stage... and 15 minutes later, I blink and realize what the heck I am watching!!??!

I just laugh... because does Maury really look like the kinda guy that would host a paternity results show?
I just laugh... because every show is the same.
I just laugh... because, that show is probably so staged.... or maybe not, humm?

Please, don't judge. Because, if you know what show I am talking about.... you are just as guilty! ;o)

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