About Me

Hi. My name is Misha and I’m a... oh wait, wrong venue.

Hello, I’m Misha. My friends call me Misha and strangers call me Meesha - but I am used to that, I even answer to Michelle so no offense taken. I am horrible with grammar and punctuation and my blogging depends on spell check. Lord knows how many times I’ve been saved by the red squiggle line and Lord knows how many times the red squiggle has failed me worse than a white shirt while eating spaghetti. Sometimes I write "peak" instead of "peek" or "all ready" instead of "already" and I over use "....." and commas and "-" those things. Did that even make sense? … Case in point.

I want to stay true to myself but by golly is it hard sometimes! You know: trying to be like other people, measuring up to unrealistic expectations, trying to be an organized task-driven person when you are just straight up not. Can I get an, “AMEN?” Well, you will amen when you see my closet...

Moving along. I am a wife to a super cool husband, I mother a ridiculously cute kid, our family has a heart for adoption and we serve a miraculous, inspiring, grace-filled, abundant, true, sin-conquering, triune God. I like to blog about these things.

I really REALLY really really like taking pictures. The Christmas before the ridiculously cute kid was born, my super cool husband rallied up funds from our entire family and dumped the camera I had been drooling over onto my lap:  December 24, 2009 

(Oh yeah, I have a really good memory). 

It took me about a year to finally sit down and get the hang of some settings. Then I started trying to do some photos for real... I am still a work in progress and I really need help with the technical side of it. Ya see, I like to be creative (or at least think I am..) so sometimes I try and depend to much on creativity and forget about the actual technique and knowledge... sigh

So there is a quick peek into who I am. I get a little more specific on some of these topics in the other tabs so read on.

Thanks for visiting!