Friday, October 30, 2009

makin' room!

Move out of the way ribs! Abs.... you are too tight! Stomach, you are only aloud 'this much' food at each meal. And bladder... quit your complaining.

Phew! this week my body has taken a beating! I actually thought I was going to stuffer in pain for these last 14 weeks.

On Saturday I got a really bad stomach ache and my back started to ache like, whoa! I was a little nervous that I had caught the flu from one of the slimmy noses at work (I have been using lysol and purell like MAD).
Turns out, I think the stomach ache was due to the home made root beer and chili dogs we had friday night ;o)
And the back ache was just the beginning of rearranging of my insides.

I couldn't sleep that night, I felt so bad. I thought my back was breaking. I never actually fell asleep that night and didn't stop tossing and turning. I hurt in every sleeping position and every once in a while a terrible pain would surge through my tummy. Ouch, I think I shed a tear that night.

Sunday is when the rib pain started. By this point I knew I wasn't sick and concluded that it was definitely our little man in their growing growing GROWING! He is half way up my ribs - and they aren't wide enough for him anymore! OUCH! So that is where the aching was coming from. It only felt ok when I was laying on the couch. If I would try to sit at the computer, I would lose my breath. I was very uncomfortable.

It was that night that I got the "stabbing in the abs with a knife" pain. I actually was really scared and thought that something very wrong was happening. It truly felt like a knife, but I knew it wasn't happening in the womb. It felt like my ab muscles were being torn apart. Well, turns out that is exactly what was happening. Sheesh, something called round ligament tearing or something. I dunno if it was actually my abs, but it sure felt like it.

I'm glad that is over! I am just glad to say that the back ache and discomfort were not here to stay for the last 14weeks..... but I am sure there more bound for the future. This little guy still has some growing to do.

It is really amazing at how much he has grown already though. So much that when he moves I watch my stomach move around. I think it has to do with the fact that I have a short torso, so if he moves - where is he gonna go??
It is the coolest thing. Jonathan and I have been watching him roll around in there for a couple weeks and it just keeps getting more and more pronounced and frequent! Last week I was laying in bed reading my book before bed. I usually rest my book on my belly, when all of a sudden my book bounced! ha! So funny. "Hey ***! I know you are there, Momma loves you buddy" (no that is not a cuss word, that is supposed to stand for his name! which we are gonna keep a secret!!)

Basically, my belly looks like a water bed that with a dolphin inside of it. You can definitely see it the best when I lay down on my back, which I am glad for because otherwise at any given moment a passerby could glance at my tummy and see his little fist for head bulging! Some may say that's "freaky" - I say that's the "coolest thing ever!!!"

That's my little boy in there! I am wondering what we are in for, because I have been feeling him move around in there since we was 14weeks! and he still has 14 more to go before he comes into the world.

Careful buddy, don't punch momma to hard and careful on the ribs ;o)

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