Friday, October 30, 2009

a seed??

I just realized, after reading a friends blog, that Halloween is tomorrow and I have yet to touch a pumpkin - let a lone make slightly salted, golden roasted pumpkin seeds!

I don't really participate in Halloween festivities, and I guess that it doesn't have to be Halloween to carve a pumpkin. They are still around after October 31. Hummm....

I just hate it when my hands get all itchy, irritated and splotchy because of having them coated in pumpkin guts.

And it is a total mess....

And I would just toss the pumpkin away after I get my seeds....

Maybe I will just get a small pumpkin....

Or would anyone like to donate their pumpkin guts? that would be really cool! I will totally share the roasted seeds too. I make them really good, I swear ;o)

gosh.. i am drooling at the thought of those darn seeds

I should go eat dinner, which I am actually waiting for my hubby to get home because we are going bowling together!!! yay, we are going to have a fun date and eat 'bad for you food' at the bowling alley.
At least it is a nice, smoke free, family friendly bowling alley. Either way if they have salad - I am still skipping it and going for the nachos, hot dogs, soft pretzels, and chili fries! And a big ol' cherry coke. BOOYAH!

sooooo bad


soooooo good

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