Sunday, April 26, 2009

cooking embarrassment on my part

As you see in the right hand side bar of this blog it clearly states that I am a 22 year old (going on 23!) newly wed (coming up on our 1 yr on 5/17) that loves to cook.....

And I do!!

Now a while a back a friend had asked me if I had experienced any meal prep mishaps - I proudly....maybe a little to proudly.... answer "no way" --- thinking deep down all my meals have been yum yum yummmy! I have been totally blessed with the best possible recipes on the planet.

Oh boy how the Lord quickly smashes pride! HA! And it was actually kinda fun.

Sooooo... I have dedicated the next few entries to all the hilarious and disgusting cooking mishaps I have encountered over the past while.

1. Homemade Mac & Cheese

yup this one happened today, hours ago, and I can still taste the aweful flavor of WAY to much velveta and the most peculiar squirt of ranch dressing that helped make up the consistancy of the Mac & Cheese I dared to call lunch. Two bites and I had had enough! But.... it did not end there, no no the story is not over. In a desperate and determined effort to redeem myself I tried adding more milk to it.... yummm creamy.... NOT! So back into the kitchen I go with my bowl, open the cabinet, pop open a can and dump in TOMATO JUICE ..... what in God's green earth was I thinking?? Friends, in it's making I even considering adding a dash of Wochestershire sauce to it, because apparently Wochestershire sauce make everything taste good. (that is supposed to be a very sarcastic joke) It was the most sickening excuse of a meal, I was disgraced and ashamed. Even my own husband was clueless of the lengths I went in effort to redeem my meal. BARF, seriously.

I can't believe that I just shared that with you....

I have no shortage of baking disasters, but it's true that some are just absolutely hilarious! I will share another DISGUSTING MEAL story with you next time - this could turn into a 10 part series, we shall see ;o)

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