Thursday, April 23, 2009


I would be crazy to keep quiet about the fact that I really believe that God has called us to adoption. I think about it, quite literally, every day. What time in our life will this step occur- I'm not sure.

Jonathan just got back from 3 days at The Gospel Coalition (which was a FABULOUS venture for him - especially because he came home with well over 20 free books!) At this conference, he ever so fortunately received a copy of Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches by Russell D. Moore

I was so excited!! This book doesn't actually come out until May, but he got it early - for free :o)
I am looking forward to the impact and ecouragement that I will surely encounter in its pages.

I am sure I'll be blogging a bit here and there as certian chapters stick out to me.

Until then, you must.... I mean MUST read this blog entry on this family's adoption story. It's God glorifying, heart wrenching, & inspiring.

Click to Read it here

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