Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am a self proclaimed shampoo-a-holic! I buy shampoo implusively - in search of the perfect formula. I need help friends, I've been going nuts ever since I dear friend, Blanca, cut my hair and said that I had (God forbid) BUILD UP!

I immediately found myself in the aisles of Sally's beauty supply getting my self a clarifying treatment.

What's worse is that months ago, a friend (and hair stylist) told me that my hair felt DRY! It was that very comment that started my wild search for the perfect nourshing/mositurizing shampoo.
I'm hooked
The clarifying treatment worked great by the way - but did not solve the fact that I still have good amount of the very shampoo that I feel committed the crime against my head of hair.
I am (like usual) already plotting my next shampoo purchase, but I honestly need some serious help - Does anyone have any ideas on a good shampoo???
This is the next shampoo that I am eyeballing:
Aveeno Shampoo Nourish+Revitalize

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