Sunday, April 26, 2009

cooking disasters part 2

Steak not on the grill
the one thing about apartment living that bums me out is the fact that no grills are aloud on our patio. I guess it is some city ordinance or whatever :o( So making certain meats and especially steak of any kind is a hard task with out a grill, but we have managed to get by.... except for this one dark and horrible dinner.
So I was looking through all the cook books that I own in search of a delicious steak marinade recipe that would help us cope with the temporary 'fast' from grilling and BOY I thought I had a winner! I believe the ingredients were a combination of Worcestershire sauce (told ya it made everything taste better), season salt and water. I mixed it up nice and poured it over the meat to marinade and I - thinking that I could change up the directions to fit my scheduling needs - chose to let it set over night in the fridge instead of the 3 hours it instructed me to do - ya know, the longer the marinade the better the taste... duuhhh. WRONG CHOICE PEOPLE.
I seared those bad boys in the skillet and baked them to "perfection" served them along with the most ideal side dishes and plopped down at the dinner table with a watering mouth, fork and knife in hand, bib around the neck, napkin in the lap.

With the first bite of that steak, I thought that my tongue was on fire! It was SO SO salty! phew I could feel my throat on burning as I swallowed. We might as well have been eating a salt shaker.
Needless to say, those "steaks" were in the garbage in no time.

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  1. Oh Misha,
    this one made me laugh so hard. I love it that you are bold enough to share your mistakes with us. I love you so very much. Try asking Jonathan about my "milk soup" sometime. The kids still remember that awful tasting soup!!!
    Momma 2