Thursday, October 1, 2009

A GREAT day.... sigh

[caution, this is a very long post]
Wednesday was probably one of those days that rank WAY up there on my list of memorable life moments. It was the day we saw our little baby's face for the first time :o) Truly the day panned out better than I could have imagined.

When I woke up that morning, I was hoping that there would not be another unfortunate phone call saying they were moving our appointment again... at 9:52 my cell phone rang - I WAS SCARED to look! But thankfully it was just Jonathan calling to say that he was on his way (silent cheer).

At 10am we were off to Oakbrook Terrace, about a 30 minute drive. We left early because we wanted to get there early... and EARLY we were! I thought the appointment was at 11am but turns out it was actually at 11:15... so we were 45minutes early - Hey, what can I say? We were excited ;o)

In the waiting room Jonathan read me a Veggie Tales book, in a wonderfully animated way. (he was practicing!) But nothing was going to get my mind off the fact that I wanted to puke up all the water that I had chugged and that sitting up straight in the chair was only making matters worst for my BLOATED BEYOND BELIEF bladder. [in case you are unaware, they had me drinking at least 32oz of water - no later than 45 minutes before my appointment with no potty breaks...I think I had more than 32oz, sigh]

And then the skies opened and our names were called!! Our ultrasound lady (yes, very technical term) was great! I was a little nervous going into the appointment, thinking that they were gonna think we were weirdos for wanting to find out the gender in such a specific way as ours (you can read about how we planned it here)
Instead she thought it was such a fun idea!

So I laid back and she put the cold jelly on my belly (that rhymed) and as soon as she put the remote thingy on my stomach she exclaimed, "OH! I already know what it is." Apparently, there were no problems concerning the show of 'parts.' She had us turn our heads while she printed that one off....

The actual ultrasound was just miraculous, it felt like time stood still. We got to see the precious, adorable little face:
My heart!! it is just totally overwhelmed.
According to the lady our little one has Daddy's feet :o)And during the ultrasound, that little babe kept doing a fist pump. Actually it would start with him playing with his ear and then take a swing with that little fist.... I wonder if he will box? He sure feels like a boxer in there...
you see his little arm and fist? his fist is up by his face.... he is gearing up for another swing!
And here is the spine, that boy's gotta nice strong back.
I could look at that spine all day long.... I love him.

Once the ultrasound was all done, our awesome ultrasound lady had us go wait in the front room, while she prepared our "gift" sealing up either the BLUE or PINK envelop and hiding it away in our gift box.....

The time was nearing, when we would get the news of the century, what our first born baby was going to be!!

The car ride was filled with suspense and wonder.... ;o)"What could it be....?"
...and "I wonder... if I wrinkle my face a little bit more - will I be able to figure it out?"
And there it sat, on the table at Qdoba - not exactly "quaint", like I had planned in my head, but completely perfect (especially given the fact that my hubby and I were famished! And it is one of my favorite places to eat!!)

Jonathan: "Oh my goodness... what the heck is in that box?? I better hurry up and eat my nachos!"
hehe, just kidding... he doesn't talk like that. And I told him to pose... so really, it was me thinking that silently in my head, probably making the same face as him, while taking the picture, and then DIVING into my veggie nachos. Because the sooner I finished, the sooner we could OPEN THE BOX!

Jonathan had the honors, I wanted him too, plus he finished his nachos first... he always does...I am LOVIN' his face in these pictures.... ha, I LOVE YOU Hub!It's soooo close.... sooooo close!!

IT'S BLUE!!!!!

"Oh my goodness, a precious little boy, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness"
"YEAH! Alright! A BOY!... Where is my ball and glove??? Football? "It was wonderful! We sighed and smiled, hugged and laughed! What a great memory. Our ultrasound tech left us a little note with our baby boy's picture...

How sweet!

Our little family... with one still in the womb.And a beautiful reminder....

.... of our new little life.

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  1. I'm a little choked up right now, holding back happy tears. It brought back memories of the first time we saw Noah and Callie and how precious those first pictures are. Congratulations!!!!