Tuesday, September 15, 2009

revamp.... again

So as you may see, i revamped my blog..... again.
I just like to change so much! And this time I worked eagerly on my blog header, so maybe I will keep this look longer especially since it took so darn long to create!

Well, Jonathan and I went out last night to purchase this precious and very sentimental Willow Tree.

Precious, because we have a new life coming our way. In months we will have a little one and this Willow Tree will represent "New Life" and what our family will soon look like.

Sentimental, because it is how we are going to find out if our little babe is a boy or a girl. We are taking it to our ultrasound next week and it is the ultrasound that will **hopefully** reveal to the doc what our baby is. We are going to have him slip our baby's ultrasound pictures into either a blue or pink envelop and then slide it into the box. THEN :o) we are going to take with us, go somewhere fun and quaint, then together open it up and celebrate! We think it will be a really fun and special way to find out together, in a place where we can huge and laugh and smile and dream... instead of being stuck in a doctor's office, still needing to finish an appointment! I would go nuts trying to hold back my emotions while still needing to stay cool and get out of the office!! Plus is will build the anticipation that is already busting at the seems! phew, can't wait!

YAY pure bliss - I am so excited.


  1. That's a great idea! How fun! Hopefully your baby will cooperate. :-)

  2. Be sure to call the future grandparents and share the news with us! Can't wait to find out!!!
    Love you two :)

  3. You better believe we will! You are a cute one Grammy ;o)