Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday morning

It was a wonderful feeling today to not have an alarm set by my bed - in fact, my phone (my alarm clock) wasn't even in the room. That thing, that I love and hate, was all the way down stairs in the purse that I left by the door. FAR AWAY from me :o) It was a delight to open my eyes this morning and not have the slightest clue what time it was.

Jonathan is at Men's Retreat today in Elburn, where ever that is.. And so I am trying to figure out what my Saturday is going to look like with out my hubby (???) I could go shop, but that is bad because I don't need anything and I don't really like doing it alone. So that is out. I can currently hear the dishes screaming from inside the dishwasher: "GET ME OUT! I WANT OUT! PUT ME AWAY!"

Gag! Shut up dishes - you can come out when you ask kindly, thank you very much.

The laundry is acting out similarly to those demanding dishes. Calling something along the lines of:

Gag! My response to you laundry is, "You can breathe just FINE! Your basket is a wicker basket and there are very distinguishable holes all throughout your container: so BE CONTAINED THIS INSTANT!"

Then not to mention by body crying for a shower "Wwwaaaa Wwwaa! I wanna a shower. I smell like the coffee shop you took me to last night. Wwwaaa, and the syrup from the waffles you inhaled through the mouth this morning... Wwwwaa!

Oh you big baby! I'm gonna exercise you later, so the shower can wait!

whoa, lets stop and just realized how weird this post got. I am having dialogs with things that are not human. Is my mind really that far gone? I guess I can blame it on the pregnancy, because someone once told me that I can blame all things on the pregnancy and no one would even second guess me. But if my best friends are reading this right now, or ESPECIALLY my husband and my sister. They know better. They know I am weird. Just weird.

My sweet unborn child, you have no idea what kinda silly mom you have! Or maybe you can become just as silly along with me.... I am already starting to have an effect on your Daddy! He does goofy, weirder things everyday.... I'm lovin' it.

DOOOFF! There I go again with the dialogs theme. Maybe I should just stop and watch a movie. I must confess that I rented 17 Again from red box last night... i dunno, I just like those kinda movies that the preteens and middle school girls go crazy for :o)

Now I am just plain blabbing... probably because I don't have my hubby around to blab too - he is a great listener ;o)

K, bye!

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  1. I love you, Misha Seger! You make me smile :)
    Momma 2