Monday, October 5, 2009

we're almost famous!

A loooooong time ago, probably back last very early spring (whenever it was still pretty cold out) - Jonathan, his momma and I went to our most favorite lil' chocolate shop, Le Chocolat in downtown Naperville. We like it there. It is always so warm, cozy and quaint. Not to mention they have very delicious treats.

Personal favs include, but are surely not limited to the carmel toastie, English toffee, Bailey's Irish cream cake and the turtles

Anyway... back to the story. So we were there one evening enjoying some treats and quality time together and this man from the Chicago Tribune comes up to us, carrying a huge camera and bag with all the goods and asks us if we would be willing to take a few photos. Come to find out he was doing a piece for the Metro Mix!

"Umm sure..." we said.

The owner of Le Chocolat said that they were going to run it the following Thursday and they would have copies of it in the store. Since Cookies Cutters was little down the block from there, I thought I would hop over the following week and see if we made it into the Tribune!

Oddly, the paper was never available.... so we just thought... "boo, it would have been cool to see if we actually made it into the CHICAGO TRIBUNE!!!"

Months later, we get a call from our friends - and guess where they were and what they saw!!??

"You guys are in the wall at Le Chocolat!"


"Yeah.. you are in some news paper article, framed and up on their wall!"

check it out!

Yup, that is definitely the hubster and I in that pictorial!
We just had to make a trip there to see the evidence. So why the heck not turn it into a lil' date time?
And our yummy treats...I got the caramel toastie... and ate the little square of goodness sooooo slowly, savoring every bite!
Jonathan got some like a peanut butter cup, but obviously a much better version of the Reese cup. It was pretty good, but awwwww, the toastie....

So there you have it. Almost fame! We felt special. And people that were in the shop kept asking us if that was us in the picture :o) If you live in the area and are ever in downtown Naperville - stop in there!

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  1. Whew ... they didn't include me in that pic! I remember that night so well ... so fun!!!! Hey, I'm going to be in the Naperville area this weekend. Think we should go there one night???? Is that a "Yes" I hear?
    Celebrities in my family!
    Momma 2