Thursday, January 27, 2011


I know I am not the best grammar girl, but I KNOW how to spell potato..

(I spelled grammar, grammer, originally.. just thought I'd help prove my point- thank you spell check)

But, seriously....







We were at my Mom's house last week visiting while I didn't some photo's for some dear people in the South Bend area. (I don't think they read my blog - but thanks Emily Cass and Angela Peffley to investing in our adoption fund!! )

As you can see, Davin got into the pantry and got his cute little paws on a tater. This child boggles my mind sometimes. Of all things? A potato? Really?

Of all the things... I say that often.

"Of all the things? A coaster? Really?"

"Of all things? A spatula? Really?"

"Of all things? Wipes? Really?"

"Of all things? Toilets? Really?"

Okay, gross...

He carried that potato everywhere. One time my hand accidentally came to close to the potato... I've never seen the boy shift so quickly. There was no way on earth I was taken his potato! I wonder if potatoes grow in heaven?

I just wish I would have taken a picture of it before we left... there was a big gouge out of it. He was chompin' on it with his 4 little beaver like teeth....

It was unique and I thought I would share.

Good day!

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