Thursday, October 28, 2010

some things about me

You know, with having a blog.. its kinda hard to have a conversation with you. I just get weepy thinking about it and might have a tear in my eye at the moment.

just kidding

But not about the "having a conversation with you" part, I really do wish I could have a conversation with each-and-every-one-of-you

You are special

Okay, now that I have my good deed marked off for the day (-making someone feel special), I will move right on to talk about myself...

BWHAHAHA! As if you would want to read about that! But, common now... its the reality of having a blog. What else am I gonna write about? Hello?

Okay, this is starting to sounds extremely narcissistic - and that was totally not the intent. My point of this blurb was to say, "Hey. It stinks that we can't be having a dialog right now.. and the fact of the matter is that sometimes this blog is just my ramblings (.. I know, right?). Soooooo if I am going to ramble, I might as well help you get to know me better and then beg the bananas out of you to -for the love of all things sacred - comment on this post by telling me a little bit about you. Then we can be best friends. Forever."

So there are some funny things about all of us. And some of you might try and hide those - but for Pete's sake! Let loose a bit and lets have some fun talking about our quirks!

I'll go first.
(deep breath

-sometimes I watch 90210 online during Davin's naps... at 10am, still in my pjs, and un-brushed hair. (so if you ever want a laugh, come surprise visit me then.. but I might not answer the door because I ran upstairs, turned off all the lights and hid under my bed)
-I think I love my coffee strong but after I pour it I add 1/2 a bottle of french vanilla creamer and a tsp of sugar so it doesn't taste like mud.
-sometimes I drink that coffee from a funny and slightly creepy/cute bunny mug that I found at my grandpa's house
-sometimes I don't like having to reach my pinkie finger all the way over to the 'shift' button to capitalize "i" ... what a work out! (but I do it anyway, because I know my hub reads these posts and will be eerked if he saw a bunch of i's)
-I try and play match maker by telling Jonathan which single guys I think should marry certain single girls... and sometimes it happens!!
-I google everything.
-I am good at getting the laundry done, its just the putting it away part that just never seems to happen.
-If the coffee is over an hour and a half old I think it tastes like feet and I make a new pot. Ridiculous you say? Well, I just have a very sensitive palette - thankyouverymuch ;)
-sometimes I expect myself to be really good at something on my first try and give up if I am not. I guess you could say, 'I am really ambitious and really discouraged at the flip of a coin.'
Like, one time, I got so excited about playing tennis in high school that I got the best racquet, fancy shoes, all the tennis wear, and my mom even put me in tennis lessons - but because I wasn't playing Anna Kornacova at Wimbledon I got annoyed and stopped. I didn't even put forth any effort! So I guess sometimes I think that if I am not naturally amazing at something, I will not be good at it at all.... and just for your informatio: I am not "naturally" good at anything! I need practice and books and teaching.. who doesn't??!
-on a lighter note, I am changing my ways. I am gonna start working on my photography and I'm not gonna give up just because I'm not producing national geographic type photojournalism. Nope. Not this time. No sirree Bob! If at first I don't succeed, I shall TRY TRY AGAIN!
-Second to last, if you haven't already noticed, I like to use these things a lot of: , and .... and - and ! and italics and ahems and "ands"
-And lastly, yet most obvious random fact: I have bad, BAD punctuation usage, grammar and I use spell check on ever other word I type. How did I ever squeak out of English class?

Do you still love me?

K thanks.

Now your turn..


  1. Ok, hmmm... I've been thinking about writing a blog post similar to this and now that I'm put in the situation, I'm clenching and I can't think of anything!
    - I hate when my husband is in the kitchen with me, not because I have anything against him, but because our apartment is a CRACKER BOX!
    -We just bought a house and haven't told anyone but our parents! I think you're a safe secret keeper, so you can silently celebrate with us :)
    -I fall asleep dreaming about said house every night (see, we live in AZ and the house is in IN and we won't inhabit it until December 20 - Talk about patience!)
    -The kitchen in said house is much bigger and I'm sure I'll allow my husband to hang with me more in there. It's just the nice thing to do. I also might make less Kraft Macaroni and more, y'know.... real food.

    Peace, Love and Blogging,

  2. Courtney, first - congrats on the house! I can't wait to buy a house.. but living near Chicago, it would cost me my right arm and liver for a down payment and property tax. One day :) Second, I feel ya on the small kitchen. I love the kitchen in our townhouse now, but girl... our kitchen in college was the size of a port-a-potty and somehow all 4 of us would end up in there at the same time (the good ole days) Third, secret is safe with me!

    Let the count to Dec. 20th begin.

  3. I hear you on the laundry thing. We call our dryer "the second dresser." And now that we have a baby, I rarely get the old batch of laundry folded before it's time to do the next round. Getting it folded and put away? Hah!

  4. The secret is NOT safe because I have eyeballs!. CONGRATS COURT! [But really, your sister told me this morning. Bridlewood. See? I tell no lies! Cannot wait to see! But I'll keep shut until you annouce]

    Ok...this is all I got,
    -I eat mushrooms from a can.
    -I still don't know if it's 'alot' or 'a lot'.
    -I use breafeeding nipple cream as lotion during the winter time.
    -Sometimes I big down into something delicious and extremely fattening, take a deep breath them spit it in the trash...just to get the eating sensation.

  5. Well...Courtney CONGRATS!!!
    -I will have the money ready to get a delightful donut or muffin and as soon as I pull into the parking guilt sets in and I leave without said item.
    -I will only allow myself water until I've reached my daily consumption of 86oz.
    -Those items above make me sound uber healthy and weird and I may be weird but not uber healthy.
    -I buy vanilla wafers for Ian but end up eating them myself (see not uber healthy)
    That's all I got. not really but it's bathtime for lil man.

  6. Oh, Ash, I have much respect for you... because I (unlike you) shove my guilt in my shoe until I've finished my donut(s)! Hum, I should probably work on that, huh? ;)