Tuesday, October 26, 2010

humility out on the town

It was an absolutely beautiful fall day, that day... Unseasonably warm and sunny. I love it. So I thought that since it had been a while since I had been out of the house, I go and do some stuff. Why not?

So I took a shower and actually got ready for the first time in days... I was feeling... as you say... ahem... cute?

I had my cute jeans on, a fun shirt that I borrowed from the sister, mousse in my hair so my curls were nice and bouncy... stylin'. I was gettin' my vogue on, girl! I mean, I hate to admit this.. I really do, because it unveils some pride.. but I was thinking - "see, people, motherhood IS COOL! (with a 'take to the hand' motion)"

...now I am embarrassed...

ANYWAYS, Davin and I were all over town. Bakery for a bagel and coffee, toy store for some fun finds, grocery for some baby food, at&t for some phone necessities, dollar store for some wrapping paper... you name it, we were probably there (or at least driving past it)!

After a few fusses, I realize we should probably get home. I pull into the garage, unload everything that I had gathered from our excursion and as I am feeding my boy I notice PUKE all over jeans. Remember, my "cute jeans"

Puke?...not so cute. I was rockin' puke jeans all day.


I mean, apparently puke is the new purple - haven't you heard? Everyone is wearing it. Its in all the magazines. I mean, you could borrow my baby anytime.. he would gladly puke on you before your big date. Trust me, you will be envied.

... puke

money can't buy this kinda humility

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  1. Awesome, Misha. Leave it to God to break out the puke to stir up some humility...