Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Computador

Yeah! Are new computer came yesterday! Geeez o' PETE, it has been a long time coming.

Ha! I just said "are" instead of "our" - oh my goodness, I swear I went to college!

But you know what? This reminds me of a time in 2nd grade, I had a brain fart and asked my teacher how to spell "of" - Common now.. "OF??" Seriously, Misha... O....F.... OF - good thing I wasn't in the spelling bee. I would have shamed the family name. I would have spelled it "OV" or something. I probably would have been recorded as history's "funniest spelling bee mistake" or "most illiterate 2nd grade school girl of the Indiana Public School System" in the Guinness Book of World Records - which, ironically, was one of my all time favorite books to check out from the elementary school library, a close second to Bunnicula:

The fact that one of my favorite books to read was a book of world records, probably doesn't surprise the ones who know me best :) My sister jokes all the time about how I always have random factoids to share, and Jonathan always laughs at me when I say - "huh, I wonder??..... I'm gonna google that..."

Its kind of a joke that we have ;)

Actually, the one that I remember the most is the man with the longest finger nails. They were so long that when he rode his bike he had to wear bags over his hands to keep them from getting caught in the spokes?? Yeah, gross, I know... and there is a picture of the most recent record holders - wanna see?
Long and curly...yucko!

Check out this lady!! How does she shampoo her hair or wash dishes, or cook! I am surprised that someone hasn't pulled a Delilah and chopped them off in her sleep. Maybe they are a source of unparalleled strength? They'd have to be, because there is simply no other explanation.

Apparently, the most dramatic event of her life was the car crash that broke those nails off... I'm sorry, but if that isn't the Lord's kindness - I don't know what is!

I dunno, maybe I am jealous since I am a nail biter and the closest things to nails that I have ever had were the acrylics for my wedding... aww, to have nails again.

Well, to say the least.. I got a bit side tracked with spelling errors, Bunnicula, and factoids. This post was supposed to be about our new computer and how I will now be able to start posting pictures again... from the 700+ that are on my camera right now (yeah, that was not a joke - there really are 700+. But hey! now you know that the camera is not going unused! and hey! that is why we got this computer with all the RAM, or GB, or whatever it is that makes it possible to have a lot of pictures... this is a long parenthesis. I am gonna get out now).

Cheers to another peek inside my weird mind

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