Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why moms drive CrAzY!

The other week Jonathan and I were driving to see our amazing friends in Iowa and I got to talking (whats new, right?) about moms driving, what they drive, what they don't drive, how they drive, etc. etc. etc. I have a theroy for everything and, well, I am still trying to decide if that is a good thing or bad thing ;)

I think what started it was this CrAzY van went flying by us on the interstate and I was like, "Whoa!" ... because I always have something to say when someone zooms past me at an obnoxiously fast speed (Lord knows I, lil' ole me, don't EVER do that....ahem)

Pride anyone?

So I am in full out analytical mode diving into my years of research and data gathered on mom drivers, hashing out facts such as this: for every 500 mini vans on the road there is only 1 black one.

Now, I was ready to tackle the mystery of wild mini van driving; and it sure is a mystery because you would think that of all the people out on the road, you'd think that the moms of small children that would be the most cautious...

Well, by golly - I figured out the cause of this madness!

Crying babies.

That's the answer... crying BABIES!

I should have known. I was so obvious. And then the clouds parted and my loving gracious Heavenly Father, out of kindness, saw my need for further sanctification (basically, spanked the hypocrite out of me) and turned me into the very mom driver I was picking apart - it was sweet of Him, really....

Allow me to relive the humbling moment:

I am driving along I-88, it was rainy and yucky and the most perfect driving conditions for a blueberry coffee: my happy place

And here is my speed when I am in my happy place..

We were just cruising right along at 64mph, when all of a sudden Davin realized he was tired, didn't like his car seat, and he was annoyed beyond measure....


[freakin' out for lack of better words]

And my happy place went from this:

maxing out at 80mph, the car was flyin' and that steering wheel was gripped between my hands tighter than a baby in the birth canal.

So, after zooming past 5 cars and Jonathan pointing out the speed limit, I sheepishly released the gas and loosened my death grip and returned to a more modest speed

awwww... to be back in my happy place


  1. Yes! It worked. Why do I have such a hard time commenting on your blog???

    Anyway, I just thought this was hilarious. So. Very. True! We moms go so crazy when we hear our little ones crying and we can't help them!!! Not a good situation to drive in. Glad you have a level-headed husband who takes fun pictures of your antics. Yay for a faster computer!

  2. Blueberry Coffee?!?! TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS {seemingly possible} NECTAR OF THE GODS!!!

  3. oh girl, let me tell ya....Dunkin Donuts Blueberry coffee! if you have one in your town - go right now! it is yummy :) basically, just Dunkin Donuts' blend coffee (1&1/2 TBSP ground coffee per cup) with blueberry flavor syrup.. and cream and sugar if you're like me... if you wanna make it at home - BUT I think no matter what, they make it the best at the shop.