Tuesday, June 22, 2010

we must be related...

Davin is on the right and the left, and that is me in the middle - as a 6 month old (ish)

We must be related... right?

Do you think we look alike?

Anywho, my baby is 4 months old and growing like a weed... except much cuter than some ugly weed, and I have pictures to prove it! Lots of them in fact. 206 from the past 4 weeks to be exact. Yes, lets state the obvious... I am a new momma who happens to be an ex- high school photography student with a fashionable camera, who secretly wants to discover hidden photo taking creativity - that will actually only come from schooling - but still believes that it will miraculously appear so that I can open a photo studio and make the big bucks so that all profits could fund our adoption and a lot of other peoples' adoptions.... GOD CAN DO BIG THINGS, ALRIGHT?!?

But as for now, I have a doctors appointment very soon and still need a shower, need to wake the baby (gasp! yes, I do that sometimes), feed him, change him, and hit the road!

And we all know, I give myself a little to much credit sometimes and think I can do more in a small amount of time than I actually can..


Story of my life!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! He looks exactly like you, thats so crazy...and adorable:) Now we know he got them good looks from his mamma ;)