Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a bottle?

I was bouncing around, doing a little hip swinging sing-a-long action to the music playing in the background as I was picking up around the house... in need of hydration, I reach to my water bottle for a rejuvenating swig of crisp fresh water and it is then that I realize:

I have a baby bottle in my mouth


No offense to Davin, but when you are expecting a sip of water from a WATER bottle and get a taste of the 1 part formula, 2 parts baby slobber that was left on the nipple of a BABY bottle - the gag reflex is strong, and stronger than ever.

But please.... before you think I am completely without a brain, do notice how similar they are.... anyone could have made the same mistake, right?

Please make me feel slightly less sheepish by saying you would easily have made the same mistake....


I know, you probably wouldn't have because you wouldn't have left a dirty bottle laying around.... would you?

Oh dear, don't judge ;) Because if I am being completely honest.. dirty bottles are the least of my cleaning worries!

Okay, I am going to go before I start taking and posting pictures of the laundry piles in my bedroom and the diaper on the floor I changed Davin out of..... an hour ago.....

and I have said to much....

goodbye forever

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