Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Move out

So, about 2 weeks ago Jonathan and I were talking about needing to find a place to live come end of June because that is when the lease is up....

We like our place now, but some certain things just are not particularly convenient when you have to lug groceries and a chunky baby from whatever parking spot you can find, around a corner or through a yard and up 2 things of stairs, in the rain.... and then, with the little breath I have left..sigh... unlock the door.

Wait... Who is the baby here?? oh right, Davin! ...

Really, we have been blessed to have roof over our heads.. abundantly I might add. But with all the ridiculous things that I considered necessary for our child + the child + family coming to visit + need for storage + my weird love for change = time for a new place

So like I said, we thought we have until the end of June..... yeah, WRONG! We looked at the paper 2 weeks ago and saw that we had...cough... 2 weeks to be OUT!

Yup, move out day was written out to be May 31, 2010

Opps... (we laughed, then got a little nervous) Good thing our apartment management gave us a "free" (aka: not free because it raised our rent) extension and we had to let them know in a few days how long of an extension we wanted... between 2 - 11 months is what they offered. We wanted to stay as short as possible, not another year!

Jonathan and I, to be honest, got a little tense as we approached our deadline.... I don't like those times. We just couldn't figure out how in the world we were going to find a bigger place, that we could park right at the door to, that had ample amounts of storage, that felt like a home, that costs not much more than we are paying now, and that isn't, well, junk....

In my mind I just could not figure out how to pay near the same price we are now, for something that is bigger and better! ..... Why? Because we got a really REALLY good deal on our apartment that we have now! I searched high and low 1 year ago for this place... pretty sure I exhausted all the avenues on my search for the bigger, better, cheaper... Needless to say, I was fretting and annoyed that we didn't have limitless amounts of money flowing out our ears to just BUY A HOUSE ALREADY... and that my husband is SO STINKING WISE WITH MONEY!.... (its true, I wanted Jonathan to do something silly so that I would just have what I wanted... I wrote small, because that is how I feel about the way I was acting, ahem..)

So we decided, why are we trying so hard to depend on ourselves to get this figured out?? God knows every rental property out there. He knows our needs.... he knows our desires. We should pray for help, peace, and guidance.

We did that, and we received peace... and the next day guidance and help!

All this to say... and I was gonna try and make it short .... we found a new place!

God led us to a treasure!

It is a townhome... as in a home! For rent! With a front door! And a garage! And a back porch! And a driveway! A pantry! 9 ft ceilings! Washer and dryer that is UPSTAIRS! A fireplace! 2 and 1/2 bathrooms!! Built in bookshelves! Closets galore! The whole garage is full of storage closets and shelves for crying out loud!


and all for





as in... WAY less than any other property of its kinda

as in... $4 or 5 HUNDRED dollars a month CHEAPER than comparable properties out there!!

The owner is a realtor! So when we are ready to buy a house, we have a very very kind landlord that can help us out, we won't have to worry about lining up the end of the lease with closing dates because our landlord will be our realtor and will be in the loop the whole time... AND...

He is an adoptive parent! I think God just put a cherry on top!

He and his wife have a daughter who was born in China, who they adopted 4.5 years ago, and at the end of this month they will wrap up their 2nd adoption of their son from China as well!

God knew what he was doing when our lease ran up and we were totally clueless... he had a place prepared for us, that is owned by someone who will (I hope) be a valuable resource for us in the future... in more ways than one.

We have been blessed beyond what I imagined. There was nothing that we did that caused us to deserve such a thing, but our God is so gracious and has been very very kind to us.


  1. The Lord loves to take care of his children. He provided abundantly :) I knew all this story EXCEPT the adoption part. Wow, gave me cold chills. God has a wonderful plan in store for the 3 of you. I am so glad that I can watch it unfold. Loved spending time with you guys this past weekend.
    I think you need to share some new pics of the little guy soon :)

  2. I think you are right... and it will be even easier to when we get a new computer. It takes about 8 hours (exaggeration) to upload picture on this silly thing! sheesh..
    I took so really cute ones today.. I will work on that in the morning :)

    Miss you already!

  3. Praise the Lord! That's wonderful! Where is it?

  4. it is in Oakhurst, right off Eola AND there is a playground right across the street from us... a good place for the kiddos to play :)

  5. Misha, this is awesome! God is so incredibly good beyond what we even hope!!!!

  6. YAYAYAYA BOOO YA! Can't wait to visit!