Friday, July 9, 2010

a note

not a music note..

not a to-do note..


it was a note from my Hubby :)

So, I have been sleeping horribly for the past 3 nights and it is really

Ugg, yesterday was day 3 without sleep and I was REALLY feelin' it.
Phew, so I stayed home last night while Jonathan went to care group. I got Davin all clean and put to bed and then I made myself some Chamomile tea, grabbed a crossword puzzle and put on some Enya and got comfy in bed..

Relaxing, honestly, depends on my mood... and last night.. that is what sounded relaxing :)
2 cups down, a few boxes filled in, and several songs later... I had the eye mask on and lights off.

Truthfully, it was still a little tough falling asleep - but gratefully I only woke up and wrestled around once in the night and slept til 7! yay... and PTL my baby slept until his 8 o'clock wake time (thanks to the ghetto looking decor of - bed sheet draped over the window - that kept the bright early morning sun out!)

My hubby even decided to just come home last night and crash on the couch so that he wouldn't unintentionally wake me up when he got home or when his alarm went off in the morning (which inevitably is ALWAYS set for 6am or something like that... and he almost always snoozes until 7 - so when its been 3 days with no sleep.. a 6am alarm is not all that amusing, sigh)

It was so nice of him! And he always comes and kisses me goodbye before he leaves for work if I am not up yet... and instead, he left a note... and the note was really what this whole post was supposed to be about: sooo moving right along - It was left hanging on the landing of the stairs.. love it!

So there was my morning kiss, faithfully awaiting me

lips not actual size...

hehe, that made me giggle

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  1. this post makes me smile! so proud of Jonathan ... and happy for you, Mish!