Monday, January 25, 2010

thee pants

Thee pants. Yes, thee pants have finally made their way to the garbage can!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Jonathan had these very sad jeans, that he insisted on wearing all the time. It seems like everywhere we went, he would be walking out the door in those hole-ridden jeans. And we not talkin' the "made to look rugged, rips and tears, cost $200" jeans. These are just some seriously old, 'seen better days' type jeans.
Kids would point their little fingers through the whole and ask questions....
It was time for them to go.

When I suggested that we purchase a new pair - WHOA! Sound the alarm, because that was out of the question, ladies and gentleman. Jonathan apparently loved those jeans. I guess there was something about them being old that made them really soft and comfy - especially since the knees were out, "it makes it really easy to bend my knees.." he said.

Oh dear.

You see, one major difference between him and I, is that I would LEAP for the opportunity for new jeans! I really like new jeans :o) But my hubby over here wouldn't let go of those darn ragged jeans.

Well folks, the Lord intervened!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

We were at his parents house over the holiday and there happened to be a percentage off coupon at a store Jonathan likes - so I poked at him and said something along the lines of, "IT'S TIME FOR NEW JEANS!!!!!!!!!!"
The trip was a wonderful success. We got him a couple new pairs.

It was awesome. And they look so good on him too! I just thought to myself as we were walking out of the mall. Wow, now he'll never have to put on the ink stained jeans EITHER..... [sweet sigh of relief]"

Yup, he has 2 horrible pairs that he wears all the time! Not just the hole-ridden, but also ink stained! I thought for sure I would weasel out the hole ridden ones and possibly distract him from ones that got into a fight with an ink pen too. Well, it wasn't easy. The next day we are getting ready for a baby shower that his family and a friend were hosting for us, and just what does he walk out in???

The INK JEANS! "Jesus, help him" I cried. It was as if, I successfully got the hole jeans and even replaced them twice over, only for him to switch over to the next sad pair.

Oh dear.

Needless to say, we laughed. And he admitted that the only reason he put on the ink jeans was because they already had the belt on them. But he was seriously gonna wear them to the baby shower!!!!! Good thing I'm lookin' out for him ;o)

I love my hubby. And when we got home he handed over the hole-ridden jeans and said that I could do whatever I wanted to with them. So I did!
Bye bye jeans..
Into your dark tomb you go...Now, on to my next mission. Getting my hands on the inky ones!


  1. Glenn and I laughed all the way through this post! Thanks for taking such good care of Jonathan :) Love you sweetie!!!!
    Momma 2

  2. HOW HOW HOW did you do that!!! let me just tell you that those jeans are gems compared to the nasty things that Eric will not let go of. his "favorite" jeans. UGH..i've bought him like 6 new pairs since then...still NOTHING....I threw them away one time when he was gone, he came home...DUG THEM OUT OF THE GARGAGE! haha and them put them on, because he missed them. You are like wife of the month for sure!!! We need an intervention.. maybe Johnathon could give Eric a talk and let him know that everything will be okay hahahahaha