Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Seg's room

And now presented Little Seger's room :o) But mainly I wanted to show off the crib that Daddy and our friend Kevin built for him: it's AMAZING!! We are talking, cutting the wood, sanding, staining, shaping, bolting, screwing, EVERYTHING! This puppy came from scratch!

Kevin and Jonathan brought the finished crib over in 5 parts: So here is Jonathan with the final assembly!! WOW! It's beautiful.
And I like to call this picture my "editorial shot" of Jonanthan screwing in the bolts!It's lookin' like a crib.... !!

Now, for the final shots.

Yeah, I know.... the pictures on the wall are empty. But for good reason! They are up and ready for us to post of pictorials of mommy, daddy, and baby Seg - then we'll really have a complete room - but we are missing one very important person: the baby! So, hurry up little one! Come out!The canvas boxes under the changer (2 beige, 2 brown) were perfect for hold diapers, onsies, and sleepers!

Given the limited amount of storage space in our apt. this little guy came in handy! Drawers full of blankets, toys, pacifiers, and burp rags (cuz you know I wanna try and decrease my chances of getting spit up on me *wink... I know it's gonna happen, like.... everyday!)

This is a sweet painting my dad did for me all the way back in '99! Isn't it GOOD! Goes perfectly in our little boy's room, and it has sentimental meaning to it too ;o) My dad also gave me that lil' lion: Leo (how fitting since that's my dad's middle name!)

the beginnings of baby boy's book collection. His daddy is particularly excited about building this assortment. He has a list going already... I think it is nearing 30 books! No surprise there ;o) Two books that we have read so far that I would highly recommend: Fool Moon Rising by Kristi Fluharty and T. Lively Fluharty and The Prince's Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul

I couldn't help it! It was too cute, a frog humidifier. When you have it going, the cool steam comes from top :o) If we were gonna get one, it might as well be an awesome one! It actually got better reviews for performance that most of the regulars and it was reasonably priced compared to them all
So there you have it. Little Seger's room. Gosh, I can't wait to refer to him by his first name! ;o) He's gonna be here so soon ::: the baby ticker say 18days!


  1. i love it i love it! it's so stinkin cute!!! can't wait to come over once a week and play with my awesome nephew in this room!!!!

    little dude, stay inside mommy until full term so i can come meet you on your birthday!! but try and make her as comfortable as possible :)

    frank the tank, FANTASTIC job on the crib!!!

    mish the fish, SPLENDID job decorating!!!

  2. Misha ... it is beautiful! The crib is AWESOME! The baby's room, so adorable :) So glad the name Little Seg can be carried on. Yes, I can't wait to finally be able to say the baby's name!!!!!
    love you,
    Momma 2