Monday, January 18, 2010

lets get to cleaning!

Its time to get everything clean! I know that supposedly a lot of prego ladies go through the nesting phase where a cleaning instinct kicks into gear - but I haven't necessarily experienced that. At least I don't think. I feel like my clean spurts have always been the same. Even now. But I will admit that it has been much more fun with the idea that it is in prep for a babies arrival! Two thumbs up for sweet motivation.

Probably 2 weeks ago, I needed some more cleaning supplies - and I tell ya, I've never been more excited about a bottle a' Windex and toilet bowel cleaner in my life. It was so weird, but at the same time: SO LIKE ME to get excited over such an interesting thing. Just ask my sister, she knows what I am talkin' about. She always laughed at me during my college years, when I would come home on break and wanna take the most random odd things back. Like a specific cup I found in the cabinet, or stain remover, old candle, kitchen utensil, hot chocolate mix, shoe shine, vase.. the list goes on.

So back to the good stuff: the Windex. My mom have this new type of Windex that worked AWESOME on her glass top table - and I have a glass top table, but the nastiest Windex on earth. I bought some cheap Meijer version and it was nothin' but streak... which would make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. So I picked me up some of that good stuff asap. And it feels so good to clean my glass now. I actually think that the first thing that I did when getting home from the store was pull out the new Windex and clean the bathroom mirror. I could clean that glass table in the kitchen everyday... the streak free shine is better than words can describe.

Anyway... this is getting weird. But just to top it off, I did actually take a picture of the new cleaning product family members that now live underneath the kitchen sinkThey look so nice. So full. So clean.

And with today being MLK Day, Jonathan was off and we were all like, "Yo, we are going to be so productive today." and I was like "Dude, I am gonna get so much done. I am gonna mop and finish putting everything away in the babies room and.... yeah.."

Yet here I sit with 3/4 of my kitchen still needing mopped...

And the little one's clothes still folded in piles all over our floor....
ahem.... I better get going


  1. Hey Misha! I just wanted to let you know about a line of cleaning products that are baby-safe (non toxic). It's called Method and they sell it a Target. I use the lavender scented multi-surface cleaner and the mint glass cleaner. They do not have a chemical smell at all. You clean the windows with your baby on your hip :)

  2. ooo! I saw that stuff. Thanks Ashley, I will have to invest in those products next. (why do I like cleaning products so much??)