Friday, December 18, 2009

My shelf

I am more excited for our baby to come than ever!

But.... I am kinda gonna miss my shelf.
Yup, that's my Starbuck's coffee resting on my tum tum.
Gotta love the shelf.
i.e. my table, my arm rest, my reason for having the really nice people at FedEx carry in all my boxes.

It really worked perfectly last night, because it is rather inconvenient to reach to the table for my drink every time I was ready for a sip.

Hooray for the bump


  1. this is super funny. does he not move the cup while he's tossing and turning in that belly??

  2. well I actually didn't think about that! Thankfully, our little guy was sleeping or something during that time.... otherwise, there most definitely would have been some spillage!