Sunday, December 20, 2009

black nails

I just decided one day to paint my nails black. It was there, I was wearing the right outfit, we were going to a concert that night.... you know, all the reason to paint them black.

It was kinda fun, but looked just plain 'yuck' when it started to chip off (which was the next day, probably b/c it was el cheapo)

And it hit me.

"How in the world am I gonna get this stuff off my hands without turning them dingy blackish gray?" I don't like it when that happens.

Well, I accidentally got some tape stuck on my finger at work and when I ripped it off, the black paint came off too!

Eureka! I found my answer - no polish remover... just a couple pieces of scotch tape!
Check it out:
This is the "starting to chip yuckiness" I was talking about.

I apply tape like so:
RIP! And the paint comes off!
Do it a few more times and you can see the results:
And for this special offer of just 4 easy payments of $0.50 - this magic tape can be yours! No more remover, staining, and scrubbing your nails clean. Have it all, with Magic Tape!

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