Sunday, December 13, 2009

got hormones?

I used to like the "got milk?" adds because I am a fan of milk! yummy yum, I think I can thank my dad for my calcium cravings because he too is a milk lover.

but in this post we are not talking about milk.... we are talking hormones.

got hormones?

I know... a total lame play on the milk marketing campaign.

but to answer to question: YES! i do, and I had a bad run in with them today.

I was totally fine this morning - happy, joyful, ate my yummy breakfast, kissed my hubby, smiled when he told me "you look cute" (gotta love it). But then during church, something strange happened to my emotions. I started getting a little uncomfortable (like usual) because the seats are made kinda funny and for some reason I get really light headed and funky feeling right around 10:30. Well, after that faded I was just stuck in this funk. It lifted a bit while we were socializing at the end and BAM hit my like an 18 wheeler once we made it home. I didn't wanna make lunch, I felt like I was dragging. I suddenly had no balance at one point while I was making a sanwhich. I wanted to lay down, but felt restless at the same time. I started to get teary eyed because Jonathan was all of 5 feet way from me at the computer as I lay pathetically restless on the couch.

I call him over, I start to tear up... because I just wanna do something, and do something with him.
-I thank God for such an understanding husband, because I know I was pretty pathetic sounding.
He helped me try and sort through whether or not I truly needed a nap or could do something. We decided that I would work on some Christmas gifts and then we would move on to making some progress with our baby's room and his stuff.

The whole time I was just acting sooo, well, "blah" for lack of better terms. I felt so strange. Not like myself and on the verge of annoyed/sad/tired. Which = not good and unnecessary
I dragged about. Got overwhelmed a few times here and there when deciding to move the guest bed, and buy some furniture.. yadda yadda yaaaaa....

Then I waddled down stairs and UNenthusiastically went about trying to decide on what to make fore dinner.

Ravioli it is.

And it was good.

Then I wanted some Starbucks.

I, in a semi - but not at all - joking way asked if Jonathan could get me some.

He said yes.


He would bring it back after he got done working on the crib with Kevin.

I, in a semi - but not at all - joking way looked at the clock and informed him that it was 7 o'clock and that he told Kevin he would be there at 7:30 and that he could go now and bring it back.

Jonathan laugh and smiled at me, as I changed my mind 23 times about whether or not I needed it in the first place. And whether or not I felt bad for asking him to go get it for me....

I start to cry.


I do not know.

I believe Jonathan's sweet willingness to go across the way and get Starbucks for me was so kind that it pushed me off of my emotion cliff.

"cry You are so sweet to me hub sob sob I am gonna miss you tear cry tear I just wanna hang out with you.... sob When you get back can we watch a show together, and you can rub my leg? sniffle"

He said yes.... can you believe it?

"tear sniffle sniffle
okay. You don't have to get me Starbucks anymore. sniff"

He said he was going to and he would be back in a few minutes.

I start crying again, and hugged him like he was leaving for the Middle East. I teared up as he walked out the door and bawled a little more as I cleaned up after dinner..... and before I knew it he was back with a delicious Caramel Burlee Latte for me.

And here I type, sipping on my treat that I truly do not deserve, and feel awkwardly better since releasing all my strange emotions through tears and hugs.

All I have to say is "that was a weird experience," and "I am so thankful for a husband who does not give me weird looks, but just hugs me because he knows I need it."

I see God a lot in the way that Jonathan treats me, Starbucks or not, he treats me so well - and the best in ways that don't cost a dime. He sure is a wonderful gift to me.

Hi Hubster!


  1. Yep, Jonathan is a great guy!!! I will say that he had a wonderful example to watch over the years. Glenn, his dad, still treats me like a princess. Misha, may he continue to be like his father year after year! Glad you are feeling better. Darn those hormones ... huh?
    Love you!

  2. You two give me hope that my man is out there somewhere ready to treat me in the same princess fashion :) And I must say, Misha, you make me laugh so hard! I'm excited to move closer to y'all!!!