Tuesday, December 15, 2009

32 weeks!

Geeezz Louise!!!! 32 weeks... wow, he is going to be here before we know it.

Although when I put it in these words "I still have 8 weeks to go" - it seems like an eternity. But the timing will be just as God planned for us.

And yes, I'm lovin' my outfit! It is the warmest and most comfy - gotta do what ya gotta do to stay warm! ;o)
I love those Anderson sweat pants (thank you sis!) and those "boot slippers"! (thank you to my other sis!)


  1. i want to put my hand on that belly all day long and feel him moving around!! glad you love those slippers so much :)

  2. Mish ... do you think your belly is going to make it 8 more weeks? You look adorable!
    Love you both ... and Jonathan too!!!
    Momma 2

  3. I sure don't want it to ;o) Meaning that I would love to be early! Apparently, full term is technically 37 weeks. I would love to have him then!!! I can't wait!