Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello Belly - 28 weeks

Wow, I cannot believe how the weeks are flying by! I am now at 28 weeks, thats the 3rd and final trimester!

HELLO BELLY! (good bye waist)

I am not gonna lie, I have my "whale days" - which means the days that I feel larger than life - in a literal way. But I have to remember: pounds with a purpose! Weight gain is normal.... just, this much weight gain has always been thought as bad bad bad... and now that I am pregnant, this much weight gain is normal normal normal.

I think that I may have forgotten to put up my 26 week pictorial, so here's that too. I feel like I see a good 2 inch difference... or is it just me? COOL STUFF I tell ya! Our baby boy is growin' like a champ...

Did I mention I can't wait for him to arrive??

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  1. sooooo stinkin' cute! can't wait to see you and my nephew belly bump in a week!!!