Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prayer requests and the weight of our decison

I have prayer requests... meaning, if you think of it- PLEASE PRAY FOR THESE THINGS :o)
  • labor - I am excited and equally as nervous about it. I'm not sure what to expect and would love the Lords relaxing touch as I endure. As well as reflect on the representation of how weighty my sin is and its reason for the pain of childbirth. Then in turn God amazing saving and sustaining grace!
  • That the Lord would comfort, protect, and sustain me during labor and give Jonathan wisdom on how to help, comfort and encourage me through it.
  • That our baby would be kept healthy during the remaining pregnancy and safe during labor/delivery.. I am sure it is pretty intense being squeezed through such a small space, welcome to the world little fella!
  • That God would set His love on our little one and save him
  • That our little boy would grow to be a man of the word!
  • That as parents, God would give us the grace to bring him up in the ways of the Lord - and learn from examples set around us.
  • As parents, we would be sensitive to God's will for our little boy's life and parent him according to it.
These are the desires of Jonathan's heart and mine. Aside from the excitement of having a baby, and him being so cute and little and lovable: there is huge purpose and meaning behind bringing a child into this world.
Our dear friend Gary put it in perfect terms when he said: "There are few things we can do in this life to impact eternity. One, would be to lead someone to Christ - and two, would be to bring a life into this world."

That is the weight of it!

Not to scare people out of having children - but to encourage! Let that encourage you, to have an impact on eternity by raising up sons and daughters to see the beauty of a Sovereign Holy God who's grace is sufficient. What an impact and beautiful evangelism.

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  1. Good stuff! I pray those things over Colt too. The early days with baby are the easy days. Parenting and making sure he's open to what the lord has in store for him is the hard and nerve racking part! There are a million 'what-if's in this world but I just keep close to the truth and pray pray pray about everything!

    You guys will be wonderful parents!