Tuesday, September 22, 2009

good deal

On a whim today, I decided to go to Old Navy because - the time has finally arrived where I am getting a bit uncomfortable in my regular clothes. Really just within the last 2 weeks, which is partly due to all the "manna from heaven" I have been receiving (read here and here)

Side note:
I actually just received more manna - believe it or not - from Qdoba. Free chips and 3-cheese queso dip- YUM, YUM and more YUM. (As if my baby OR my booty need more queso... ahem)

Continuing siding note: I think that the manna truly was from heaven (1.) because all good things come from God and (2.) At my last appointment I still hadn't gained any weight - actually lost a 1/2pound. Therefore, manna came and so did some pounds according to the scale at my appointment yesterday. Thank you Lord.

Alrighty, back to the clothes situation. I could probably go a little longer without maternity pants - thanks to the help of my bella band and long shirts with leggings. But I was really needing some shirts to wear. I thought to myself... Fall is approaching so this gives me 2 reasons to grab a few more tops, YAY!

Old Navy was right close by, and as I was walking in - there was a sign in the window announcing that they were giving an additional 50% off all the already marked sale items.


So I march right on in, shopped til I dropped and walked out of there not spending more, thats right, no more than $4.50 on any of the tops I bought! Do you need me to say that again, no more than $4.50! The most expensive item on my receipt was $7.50 for a pair of super cute metallic-ish gold moccasin-like flats :o)

Come on now, can I get an "Amen" or a "Hallelujah" or something here, folks! God lead me there, I am sure of it.

(I know Chelsie over at When twO LearN theRe wilL Be ThrEe knows what I am talking about! coincidentally, she just posted on her Old Navy experience too!)

Needless to say, I was excited. So excited in fact, I decided to call Jonathan at work... probably interrupting something important, to share the news. I had to tell someone! And although he probably didn't really care as much as I did - he (like always) joined in my excitement :o) What a good man, he understands me.

Now, the next challenge would be to try an find some decent maternity pants...I'm sure my current jeans and bella band won't last to much longer given the significant growth over the past 2 weeks ;o)

Ok, I am done blabbing. But NEWS FLASH: tomorrow morning at 9am I am scheduled for my ultrasound - and hopefully (cross you fingers and your toes) we will find out if it is a boy or girl!

*I am totally going to bed at like 7pm so that the morning comes faster.....

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  1. You girls and your old navy :) I must admit though...I'm a fan. I got all my maternity pants from old navy/target. Maternity pants pretty much suck. end of story.

    good luck tomorrow. hopefully there is no leg crossing action going on!! spead em little baby!