Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sad day, Einstsin bagel, and a soft ball game

Well, yesterday at about this time we would have been finding out if our baby was a BOY or GIRL. But the moment the phone rang at 7:45am... i knew, I just knew, it was the "I'm sorry we are going to have to cancel your appointment and move it to next Wednesday" call. And it was! Jonathan popped his head around the corner as I was talking and he picked up on what was happening quickly. I was so sad, and I think that the nice lady on the other end of the line could tell (I couldn't help it... I wear my heart on my sleeve)

I just plopped down in the bathroom because it was the closest "seat" around, and Jonathan came up to my comfort... what a man, right?!?

In honesty, I was just so excited to go, that I felt the need to over exaggerate my disappointment and discontent. Total drama queen moment.. they don't happen often (Jonathan would say: "yeah right!" just kidding!!! He would not) My precious husband was being understanding, like always, patting my back and reminding me that, "The baby isn't going anywhere.."

I love him, but in my first reaction I wanted to say: " UMMM DUUUUUUHHHHHHHH -Thanks for the reminder!" but I didn't, because by the grace of God I felt comforted by his care :o) Thanks hubby!

Looking back... how pathetically scarcastic I wanted to be - all because I could not make it to an appointment yesterday... that I will now have in 6 days, AND like my wise father stated, "Well JuJu, most women in the past had to wait."

Whether dad knows this or not... I needed to hear that. I was being very selfish and impatience over a gift, that I have to wait a little longer to unwrap. A gift, not a right..... oh man, this could turn into a lecture or as we used to call them as kids "a proverb"

Ok, ok... I can't just let that pass with out explaining it some because it is to great of a childhood memory! My wonderful, inspiring, Godly mother was so gifted by God to instill in us Godly principles growing up. I know Jenna and I are both VERY thankful for this. She would find a lesson, "proverb" in EVERYTHING. It was awesome. We would have an encounter at the grocery store, we would get a "proverb" in the car ride home. In a tough time, God would provide for us, there was a "proverb." We were scared to start something new, there was a "proverb." We would leave church, there was a "proverb." We would watch a show together, and when the remote came up, and mute buttom pressed, Jenna and I would look at each other and laugh..."here comes a proverb!" my mom would giggle too and then continue with her thought. There were "proverbs" at most commercial breaks :o) You name it, my mom would have a proverb come out of it - it was just plain day to day wisdoms out of day to day life. I hope that I can be that diligent to find learning experiences and opportunities to teach my kids to grow from day to day experiences too. Thanks Mamma!

So, this post took a rapid turn that I was not expecting - but it was fun! So I will be quick and tell you that, I wrapped up what started as a sad day with a yummy Einstein bagel for breakfast, and a pumpkin spice latte at Jonathan's softball game last night, where I got to catch up on life with my sis. I love her and miss her and can't wait to see her again soon.

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