Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am posting today because it is the only thing I can do today at work to keep me awake! I got great sleep last night and an exact 8 hours - but boy oh boy, when 2 o'clock rolled around today - smack - I was hit with sleepy-ness!

I actually slightly fell asleep in a chair.

Suddenly... crreeeeeeek... I was startled by the opening of the front door of the store...

Where am I?
How long was I out?
Do I look like I was sleeping?
How's my hair?

And I then proceeded to pretend like I was the most awake person in all of Naperville. I was probably a little over enthusiastic for that customer.... and that customer probably saw me scrambling around out of my slumbering seat!

oh well, they are gone now and according to our appointment book I have 45 minutes until the next person is expected to arrive!

Sweet dreams

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