Monday, June 8, 2009

Bath time..? I THINK NOT!

As if our cat hasn't been enough trouble already, he insists on coming up with more and more ways to shock us! I swear, he makes parenting look easy!

Just kidding.

So here is the story:

Spurgeon, for some unusual reason, really likes water. He definitely does not like being in a tub full of water - but if there is dripping water in the tub or in the sink - booyah, he is there.
We're talking: toilets, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bath tubs right after someone has showered, bath tubs when no one has showered, glasses of water, glasses of water with ice cubes especially.

The only thing he doesn't like are spray bottles of water, because that is not fun to get sprayed in the face when you do something bad.

So he will sit for hours watching drips of water come from the shower spout and amazingly - he catches the drips in his paw! Some cat...

Well the other night I woke up in the probably around 4:30 to go to the bathroom & sometimes, for his amusement, I turn on the bath spout for a second to create some dripping for Spurg to play with. It was just a quick "turn on, turn off" motion. I finished my business and went back to sleep.

A couple hours later, Jonathan get up to start getting ready for work and lately I have been waking up too - and to our SHOCK, the shower was on and the bath tub was maybe a 1/4 inch from overflowing with water!!! Well, THERE GOES THE WATER BILL!!!!!!!!

My loofa was hanging around the rob that you pull, that turns on the water.... and to no surprise it had been pulled and slighty shredded by - you guessed it - Spurgeon!

So how did the tub get FILLED to nearly OVERFLOWING???

Well, it wasn't me! And boy do I feel proud to say that it wasn't my half asleep/half awake mistake.

Man O Man, that cat is more work that I ever imagined! Sheesh!

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  1. That's hilarious. Marmaduke is the same way about water. He waits for us in the bathroom to get out of the shower.

    Kim Y.