Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You're Special Today

It's my birthday!!

Normally, I don't announce this to the world (i mean.. definitely not to encourage gifts, cards in the mail, a special phone call.. wink wink) JUST KIDDING! Come on now, give me a little credit!

The reason I am writing about my birthday is because today I got to eat my breakfast on this:

YAY!! I got to eat on the "You're Special Today" plate!!!


My Momma 2 got it for Jonathan and I for our 1st wedding anniversary, to be the plate that we get to eat on when it is our birthday! It is going to be a tradition that we will start in our family, which is the same fun tradition that Jonathan had all growing up :o)

So the tradition began today, I was making Jonathan some eggs for breakfast and he pulled out the red birthday plate and said "You're special today!" So I ate on the plate!

YAY for a new birthday tradition!

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