Monday, June 1, 2009

The Move

We move this weekend into a new apartment and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
We had so much help, exactly 13 people came out to help us move - what a wonderful blessing!
It took a huge load off.... literally!

Get this... we packed, moved and ate lunch in just 2.5 hours!

Holy Moley! It was awesome! I wish I had pictures.. sigh.

It was this "Move out/Move in" weekend that I realized something, Jonathan is rubbing off on me!! About one year ago, when me move into our first apartment - we worked NON STOP until everything was DONE! Now, you see, I am totally the type of person that would take weeks to unpack and move in - take breaks, day long breaks, nap, quit working at 5pm - maybe go to a movie.. ya know - take my time

No way, Jose Canseco! Not with Jonathan around. He had me working from dawn til dusk, I was given odd looks when I would sit down for a mintue :o)

Well, that was last year... this time around, I have totally surprised myself! We are almost completely unpack and it's only been 2 days! wow wee! I was a machine, seriously - one minute it was 6:30pm the next 12:30am!

I feel accomplished! YAY new home

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