Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jonathan beat me to it.... i love him

I have a new favorite song. It is not because of the catchy beat (which I do really enjoy), but in totality: the lyrics.

Jonathan beat me to it in saying, "For some reason, godly lyrics set to music ministers deeply to me." He posted a YouTube video of this song: click here to see it!

Now, not only does it deeply move me when I here it in songs - but it is equally as moving when I read it and especially when I use it as a prayer.
"I have not much to offer You, not near what You deserve. But still I come because Your cross has placed in me my worth.

Oh, Christ my King of sympathy, whose wounds secure my peace.
Your grace extends to call me friend, your mercy sets me free.

And I know I'm weak, I know I'm unworthy to call upon Your name.
But because of grace, because of Your mercy I stand here unashamed.

I can't explain this kind of love.
I'm humbled and amazed
, that You'd come down from heavens heights and greet me face to face.

Here I am at Your feet, in my brokeness complete."

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