Monday, February 16, 2009


You know, last night Jonathan and I were driving back from West Lafayette - which we had made a quick trip there, just spur of the moment to see Christopher and our good friends. It was such a refreshing time to see our great friends! I stayed with Emi on Saturday night and we had a 'sleep over', just like old times :o) That was definintely the first time in MONTHS that I stayed up until 3:45 in the morning talking, talking, talking! It was so much fun and Em and I were definitely feeling the effects of our late night chat the next day!
Next day: Sunday. When I got to Clear River Church, I was PLEASANTLY and MAJORLY surprised to see none other than Katie Lindborg walk through the doors of Morton. I think that we gave each other weird looks at first because is just didn't make since that we were seeing each other! It was a wonderful reunion and we therefore spent lunch at Panda Express (new to Purdue's campus) with a whole gang of friends! And later, while J' spent some time with his bro - Katie and I hit up Borders, not to read, but to chat and then went to Panera.
It was so refresing to spend time the way we used to back in college.... we miss those days.
Once I got back to Zach's house I was bumbarded but a cloud of grape scented cigar smoke (cough, cough) and had the priviledge of playing with Jackson - the new pup at the Miller household. And Chef Allen Yang made us some astounding dinner YUM.
Then, around 7 we decided that it was probably time to get back to good ole Aurora and I was plotting all day, a way that I could get us to take Exit 193 to get a yum yum blizzard from Dairy Queen. (I think there are groups out there for people like me: DQA: Dairy Queenholics A
Well, DQ did it's trick in keeping me awake for about an hour and then it became a serious struggle to keep my eyes open. Jonathan and I were so tired, that I put in an old cd that I made freshman year of college and we jammed - singing at the top of our lungs, using our dairy queens spoons as drum sticks and microphones! Hey, we laugh like crazy and the time few by.... before we knew it we were home catching ZzZzZzZz in our cozy bed.


  1. OMG that sounded like an absolutely amazing weekend and I am so jealous and SO happy you all got to see each other and got to catch up. I treasure you all so much

  2. It was great seeing you guys on Sunday! I thought that it had been planned for the building walk through. Was it? Anyway, I'll join your DQA group. I have a sick addiction to peanut butter cup blizzards...especially when I was pregnant.

  3. We came to visit Jonathan's bro - it was some good and needed family time for each of us :) I'm glad to know that I am not the only DQ addict out there... as for me, my weakness is the pecan cluster blizzard with extra pecans, chocolate, and carmel added (yikes! but SO yum)