Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad Kid!!

The curious encounters with kids are countless at Cookie Cutters - my proud place of employment :) Some better than others, and most days I leave work thinking... I've got this whole parenting thing figured out!

(that's supposed to be a joke!)

Cookie Cutters is designed to be every kids dream of what a haircut should be. We're talking planes, cars and train for seats, bright colors, indoor slide and play-place, suckers, balloons and gum balls! Of course all of these amenities come with the service, and are free - except for the
gum balls which are 25cents. That is a MAJOR bummer for some kids, really, I have seen tears.

Well, once upon a time, we were stocked with bags and bags of gum balls to fill up the machines with - and just so happen to keep a few of the bags behind the counter. On this particular day we had lots and lots of kids running around the store: laughing, playing, licking their lolly pops - until suddenly TEARS! Momma didn't give 'em a quater!! I believe the world stopped spinning for a moment.

I actually kinda felt sad for the kid... I mean, I love gum balls too so I totally understand -


suddenly, (me standing behind the register) I turn around to a rummaging noise behind me.
That bugger was stealing our gum balls!
You know what really shocked me, was that this lil' girl was so sneaky! I mean, she reached so far and as soon as I turned around she was stuffing it in her pocket. So sly. She kept taking quick peeks over her shoulder to see if she had gotten away with it too. I was in utter shock. We are talking - 7 years old!

Kids these days...

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  1. I think I have read this post 3 times now, and everytime I read it, I always crack up at one line. "That bugger was stealing our gum balls!" I love it. Bugger.

    Keep blogging, bunny. I can't wait for your next entry.