Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm gonna blog again!

Long time no type. And what is so funny about the fact that I am blogging right now is that it is the most inconvenient time. HA! There have been so many opportunties for me to blog and I didn't and today - I've been up since the before the crack of dawn, I can barely type a single word here without have to hit the back space atleast 3 times, and I need a NAP! exhaustion has struck me but the guilt of not blogging for weeks is so overwhelming. If I were to fall asleep right now I would have haunting BLOG nightmares. The nightmares would start off deep dark and peaceful, but slowly turn to anxiety as the sounds of typing fingers get louder and louder - then BANG FLASH BOOM exploding computers, flaming moniters, roaring bloggers......

Of course that would be a really wierd dream, but while we are on the topic of nightmares- I really did have a few last night. They all involved killings, creepy scenerios, and dark houses. I was afraid to get up and go to the bathroom alone this morning- I guess I always think that the most scarey time at night is 4am. Truly, it is one of the most still, dark, and quiet times - which equals FREAKY DEAKY to me. Good thing I have a body guard for a husband.... you know the big, tall, macho kinda guy ;o) Thanks for sacrificing sleep for me AG! (that is his superhero name)

The lights of our apartment have offically been turned out on me.... Jonathan is sleepy, and for good reason. We were out late last night, at a movie. It was called "Taken" and was also the source of my nightmares. Although it wasn't about killing, it was definitely intense with a lot bad guy characters! I LOVE it - and you should see it! It had me practicing my Jason Bourne ninja like fighting moves. I was punching the air on the car ride home and I almost got out to use 'em on a naughty Chicago driver who was testing my patience!

Thankfully the Lord showered me with the grace to pass on by. That is one thing that I am not sure I will ever get used to around here: the crazy drivers. They can be really bad some days, maybe the Lord moved us there to Chicago suburbs to refine my "driver's patience" God knows how much I need it ;o)

I am officially sleep typing. It is nap time for me, Sundays are always good for that.

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  1. That movie totally reminded me of Mr. Bourne too!!! I miss you and you are so stinkin funny!!