Friday, February 13, 2009

Blanca's work of Art

So last week I got my hair cut. Blanca, this wonderful lady that I work with at Cookie Cutters, cut it for me. It was just a trim, nothing major and we were really slow at work, so since we had time - she got to snipping.

What was so fun about this particular haircut is the fact that it was done in a kids salon! So I started out laying on the Fire Truck bed to get my hair washed :o) Now in case you don't know, I work with the owner on her kid's hair product line ranging from shampoos to detanglers to body wash. It's super cute, called Zoo On Yoo. So, during my hair festivities, I got to personally experience these kids products that I work with... I mean, just about every product!

First we started of washing my hair (on the fire truck bed) with some yummy Shaggy Sheep Blueberry Shampoo and then followed with the ever popular Tame Your Mane Lion Mango Conditioner. Then, toweled off my hair so that Blanca could get started. Luckily we have a few normal chair at Cookie Cutters, otherwise I would have been sitting in the old fashion pink car for my trim!

Next, I got a fresh squirt of the delicious Dizzy Duck Banana Hair Detangler to make it easy for my friend to comb through my long flowing golden locks (embellishment added)

The haircut went smoothly and it felt great to have nice clean ends. Once I was done, I could help myself but to style my new do'! So I grabbed the Mellow Moose Watermelon Styling Mousse and gave my new waves a boost, it smelled so good - and once I had them right where I wanted them I gave them a good spray of Happy Hippo Orange Hairspray.

Boy, I tell ya, I smelled like every fruit in the book! I think that you could best describe it as the produce section of a grocery store JUST KIDDING ;o)

Needless to say, I am very happy with my new hair do. Lucky me, tonight I my mommy is coming in town and I'm getting my hair highlighted-phew, I need it real bad! And not only am I so fortunate to see my mom and get my done, but I ALSO get to see my FAVORITE KATIE IN THE WORLD: Miss Katie Lindborg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is going to be a good night. check it out!

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