Friday, January 23, 2009

My bum is sore...

Yes, I mean what you think I mean...... My bum is sore!

Jonathan and I went out for some yummy coffee tonight, to enjoy a mocha and talk about life, what we are learning, and convictions we are facing. It was great.

Guess where we went.... go on, guess! Well, if you saw the blog entry I put up a couple posts ago then you could probably hit the nail on the head:

McDonald's. Just for the sake of my ridiculous and at times, embarrassing love of McDonald's, I am going to share a wish of mine:

I wish that McDonald's would invest in some of those nice, comfy, fluffy, cozy seats that all the coffee shops have.... Why?? BECAUSE MY BUM IS SORE! Their seats are hard, not very comfortable - and I am tempted start viewing McDonald's as a coffee shop (I know its a stretch, but have you tasted their coffee??)

Well, nice seats or not... I'm still gonna drink their coffee (.... in moderation of course wink wink )

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