Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fired up!

This evening, an everyday and seemingly safe task turned deadly! My scarf caught on fire when I was cooking dinner!!!! I thought my my hair was going to go up in flames - thank you Jesus for keeping the flame under control.

My stove is gas and I constantly have a scarf around my neck (its cold up here in the 'burbs of Chicago) so it was bound to happen one day. Boy, I tell ya - it smelled very 'firey' in the kitchen tonight & it wasn't dinner! Thankfully only a little fringe was burnt and no one was hurt - it was quite the scare! Have you ever had something stuck around your neck that was on fire???? phew! I was screaming and huffing, shaking my smokey aflame scarf, while shuffling around in wild circles - if anyone would have seen me through the window, I swear they would have thought I was doing an African Rain Dance.

Bravely said: I suffered a 0 degree burn ;o)

You know, while I am telling random update stories of my life, I might as well tell you that last week while Jonathan and I were grabbing some coffee at McDonalds I saw one of the employees sneak a fry out of the fry bin (?) then ate it! Is that professional? I wonder if they always do that. I wonder if she knows that I saw her? I wonder what her mother would say!?
Perks of being a McDonalds employee:
-unlimited free fries, apparently
Is that a good thing or bad thing?


  1. 1. You make me laugh and I miss you.

    2. We have AWFUL luck with fire and flamable things.

    3. I wish I could have seen both of these events....

  2. haha I am so happy that you are okay!! 0 degree burn man!