Sunday, February 8, 2009

In case you haven't noticed (wink wink)

In case you haven't noticed, I recently attempted to 'redesign' my blog! I had never really put much thought in to its presentation before (because it used to be for a class) and therefore decided that I would like to jazz it up a bit. Well, needless to say, it is still under construction- so expect changes :o)

Okay, I have a funny story. I hope that you think it's funny too, but I guess depends on how well I tell/type, here it goes:

The other night Jonathan and I were getting ready to go to sleep. It had been a full day of events and we were really tired. PJ's were on, lights were off, we were both tucked in bed and for some reason or another, I could not stop talking!! I mean really.... I thought I was tired, but seemed to be experiencing a final gush of energy and of course Jonathan was well on his way into the REM Cycle.

After about 5 minutes of talking to myself I said something that (i thought) was hilarious! I was the only on laughing of course and I was laughing at myself. Well, if anyone knows Jonathan, they know that he laughs at practically anything I say or do...... and I kinda like it. I like it when he chuckles at me because I feel cute and funny. Well, Jonathan wasn't laughing this time and I was bummed. So I told him!

"Joooonathannnnnn, I don't feel funny. [silence from Jonathan] You always laugh, and it makes me feel funny [silence from Jonathan] I like feeling funny, but you're not laughing"

And then in a groggy voice he moans:

"Honey, if Bonzo the Clown came in I wouldn't laugh......"


"Who? Bonzo? Who the heck is BONZO?!?! Don't you mean BOZO?!!"

HAHAHA, oh my goodnes - for some reason it was one of those things that made me laugh so hard, and it even got "Groggy Jonathan" to laugh a little. He was so tired and out of it that he made up a new name for Bozo The Clown.

Now, I guess this story would probably only make sense to those of you who are familiar with that old Bozo the Clown Show - it was on a loooooong time ago and looking back on the pictures I found on google, it was kinda creepy too....


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! That is absolutely hilarious!! I cried from laughing so much ......and that was before you talked about the name being wrong. Well done story teller ...well done!

  2. Halarious!

    Oh man.

    Also, I dig the redesign.


    Baby J...ha! I can just imagine this happening.

    Oh man.

    Also, I dig the redesign.