Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm parenting and I don't even have kids....!

I thank God for September 27th, the day we adopted our precious hairball of joy: Spurgeon.

He has been a great cat for us so far, but has come with his far share of challenges. He's a spit fire, rowdy, mischievous little squirt! I always assumed that having a cat would be hardly any work - basically fill his food dish every morning and hold him in our laps at night as he purrs and cuddles. Now while all that is true, there is most certainly more work that goes into caring for this little guy. Literally, I have become a parent.

"Spurgie" has a terrible temptation to jump up onto the counters.... yeah, thats right, were I cook our meals! NOT OKAY. I tell him "NO" and I take him down, but he just keeps on doing it- needless to say, we bought a spray bottle to squirt him (cats hate water, especially in the face) every time he disobeys. Now, before you start feeling sorry for Spurgeon and his wet disobedient face - I will assure you that this is loving correction, meaning I love him to much to let him continue in sin against us, his "parents," and I remind him of this after each repremand.

"SPURGEON DOWN!...(squirt*squirt) Spurg, I love you and I just want to make you better kitty."

Spurgie also has issues with clawing at our couch on occasion - but I don't want to harp on all his negative attributes tonight. Yet, I do want to take a moment and give a shout out to Grandpa Early for box that our Christmas present came in, Spurgeon has taken great satisfaction in turning it into his own personal scratching station -Hey I'm glad he found a replacement for the couch! Thanks G'Pa

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