Monday, January 12, 2009

got latte?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome: McCafe (applause)

Seriously folks, the McCafe deserves 2 thumbs up. In all my years I never would have guessed that McDonalds would actually come out with a coffee drink that I would dare call my favorite, especially after Starbucks made their grand entrance (with a helpful promo in Austin Powers... anyone remember Dr. Evil's " Belgium Dip"?)

Now, I have been a coffee drinker since 4 grade. My dad even made sure that I had my own miniature coffee cup for my 10 year-old drinking pleasure. He lead me to the delightful taste of coffee... the soothing smell of coffee beans, the precise consistency of the coffee ground, how to brew- weak or strong, awwww what wonderful memories. And now, it is my turn to introduce my Dad to a new branch of coffee: McDonalds (dun dun duuuun).

Years ago my Dad discover the best mocha this world has ever known. There is simply nothing like it. It was heavenly - complete with chocolate covered spoon to swirl around the decadent drink. Muy delicioso! Well, this McDonalds mocha is the first to even closely compare. Although it does not come with a chocolate covered spoon, it still ranks up there in taste and quality - not to mention it brings back so many fond memories :o) Luckily, my dad is visiting this weekend and I told him that we are surely going to get one for him to taste.... I am curious to see what he thinks :o)

Now, I would fail you all as a friend if I forgot to mention the fact that on Mondays - they give out free, yes FREE, McCafes as a promotion. They are that confident in their product.

I encourage you to swing by on a Monday between 7am and 7pm to taste a delicious new coffee.... and if the McCafe has not made it to your town yet, just wait - this "manna from heaven" will soon shower upon you. As you take your first sip, please remember to thank our gracious Lord for his provision :o)

Now you know what I heard.... that there's a statistic out there stating that every satisfied customer tells 3 friends and unhappy customers tell 3,000! phew! Hopefully, I am not a statistic.... meaning, I hope there's more that 3 people reading this blog, ha! Just kidding.
But seriously, if I were a company I would do everything I could to keep my customers happy...

Well long story shory, Mcdonalds has left me ever so pleasantly surprised with my favorite drink being the hot mocha, skim milk, no whip cream - YUM! And today, I finished my friends sample of the vanilla latte - equally YUM!
So, go on out there a taste one.... if you don't like, it's ok, you won't hurt my feelings.

Don't burn your tongue!

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