Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is a bitter cold winter day today - I mean, literally a blizzard. Some how I still seemed to manage to make it to work(15minutes late-oops). I even made it to work with out flying through the drive thru for coffee, might I add. Yes, I disciplined myself and brought hot chocolate and extra marshmallows from home to make instead.

Anyway, back to the blizzard weather and sub-zero temps. Last night when I went to sleep it was -1, with a windchill of -20...shocking... so this morning when I heard news of a man found sleepwalking in the snow last night, I about fainted. They say he had frostbite on ALL 10 TOES - poor man.

You know there is another story of a man in Wisconsin that died of frostbite that led to hypothermia, because he sleepwalked (is that a word?) out in the sub zero temps! *People, if you suffer from sleepwalking - get yourself LOCKED in your bedrooms at night, do it for your family, do it for you life.

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