Friday, March 28, 2008

Goals and Vision - anticipating what may come to be

I truly cannot remember where I was or who I was talking with, but I believe it was a class I took last year on managing change in the workplace. Anyway, we were talking about having a vision. It must have been the professor who asked the class to describe the visions we had for our lives. I, being the introverted thinker that I am, sat back to observe, ponder, and analyze the answers of my fellow peers.

It struck me so hard that no one knew what the vision for their life was! Oh dear, so many talked about the job that they would one day have - but is that as far a the vision reaches???

but if that is as far as the vision reaches, than is it really a vision at all? or simply just a short term plan....?

What happens after you get the job? Then is the vision over?

A job is temporary - where is the purpose behind the job??? There has to be purpose beyond just some career, because a career could end in an instant.

There is so much more to life - it's living the life you were created to live. The goal should be to find out what you were made for and the vision is to live it out in every aspect of life.

No matter what job - what age - what place - We were made for something greater.

Base the foundation of you vision on what is enduring not something as temporary as a job. Go beyond the temporary circumstance so that your vision guides you in every stage and aspect of life.

everything should depend on the vision!

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