Wednesday, February 13, 2013

update needed

I actually think it been almost 2 years since I posted and because of that this blog is SO. TOTALLY. OUT OF DATE!

1.) I do not have long hair anymore.
2.) I don't wear glasses... those are fake... yes, I am cool {not}
3.) Davin grew 2.5 years older and about 5 gazillion inches. (I like hyperbole, can ya tell?)
4.) Jonathan still looks the same. He's had the same hair cut since 7th grade. (Hyperbole? Nope, thats the truth.)
5.) We have another kid! His name is Levi.

Jonathan always laughs because I am always changing this thing. I have switch the name of this blog 70 hundred times (hyperbole). I want to change it again (suggestions?) I am never satisfied with the layout. I want it to look all legit and professional, but seriously? I am not professional and not legit either. But I digress.

Bare with me, faithful followers... I am working it out. But in all honesty, I have lots of itty bitty diapers to change and pb&j to make, and oh yea... I have to remember to eat lunch and breathe and sleep and shower and laundry (a joke, because that never gets done) and a hubby to spend time with and and and and and and..... a whole lot of really good stuff God gave me.

I am sure you won't mind, right?

You are so great. Take me as I am. GRACE! You are so Christian ;)

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  1. Good to see you back, friend! I need to make a comeback myself, but, honestly, I am tired:-) Yet I still long for a creative outlet, so I vascilate back and forth between wanting to blog and not wanting to blog. I love reading your posts. You are so funny and refreshing. Glad you are back! See you in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!